Pro Gaming: How To Make Money From Esports

Pro Gaming How To Make Money From Esports

While to many people video games are merely a hobby the reality is that there is a massive industry with a lot of money behind it that is causing a lot of disruption in the entertainment sphere. When we say this industry is massive especially when it comes to money making we are talking about the many opportunities there are to make money. Whether you are a gamer yourself somebody who develops games or even just a marketer you will find that there is plenty of work to be done in this industry. So let’s take a look at the opportunities there are there for gamers themselves especially those who are looking to go pro.

There are still many people who question the name of Esports since it is essentially only playing video games on the professional level. To understand why E-sports are such a big deal it’s important to understand where it came from but also look at the industry from a different perspective. We have a profoundly Western view of what video games are and the place that the industry occupies in our economy. Everything becomes much clearer when we look at video games from an Asian and more Eastern perspective considering that countries like Korea and Japan have massive sectors of their economy dedicated not only to technology but especially to video game companies as well as Esports.

There is a lot of money to be made in the Esports circuit, especially for the athletes themselves. And when we talk about making money in those events or as an Eastport professional we are of course talking about legal ways that are supported by the video game industry and not things like selling a complete list of Rainbow six siege cheats or reselling botted accounts. But if you come from the outside of the industry and have no idea out to properly navigate it you might be surprised by some of the ways that pros make their money especially outside of competitions.

Of course one of the main ways when it comes to making money in the eastward circuit is by winning and making a lot of money from prizes. It is important though to understand that those prizes are not attributed to only one player they are of course spread across the whole team and often will serve to pay the managers as well as anyone who helps the team make its way to the professional circuit whether it is accountants or drivers. This is why more often than not when it comes to making money a lot of pro players decide to expand the risings outside of competitions to be able to make some real money or at the very least make money that the organization has nothing to do with.

This is why for example we see a lot of professional players offer training support as well as classes on our to play better and potentially make their way into professional leagues. These training classes are often one-on-one and will allow you to understand not only strategies in the video game of your choice but also understand the importance of teamwork and how to communicate efficiently with other players. While you might think that these things are easy to figure out the reality is that there is a lot you need to learn and work on if you want to be able to make it into the big Leagues. This way pros can charge by the hour and make a lot of money by simply watching someone play and give them pointers on how to get better.
Another great way to make money is of course partnerships with companies. Many esports pros make a lot of money by becoming brand ambassadors and attaching their names to brands that are well-known within the video game world. The benefit of this is twofold; not only do you get paid to promote a lot of products that you probably already use but you also often get the benefit of using those products for free since you are their ambassador. Sometimes this requires esports players to film ads but more often than not you will simply wear their name on your jersey or show off their logo on your streams.

As you can see there are many ways for esports players to make a lot of money even outside of playing professionally. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that many people aspire to become professionals and make it into one of the big teams that are currently dominating the circuit. As we see esports make their way onto our TV screens and into the mainstream it is only fair to assess that in the future there will be even more opportunities for those gamers to make a lot of money as well as a massive presence for themselves in the video game industry.

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