How VR Has Revolutionised How You Play Minecraft

How VR Has Revolutionised How You Play Minecraft

When VR was introduced, the entire world was mesmerized. VR is something that has been explored in movies for some time now, but nobody thought that it would be possible within our lifetime, let alone accessible from the comfort of our own homes.

When it was announced that VR would be available to use on PCs and PS devices, the whole world went mad. At the start, we got a taste of just some of the immersive games that were designed with VR in mind. Though the initial games were quite limited, we were all still taken away by how brilliant and immersive they all were.

It wasn’t long before the world of VR completed expanded and surpassed what many of us thought was possible. Instead of being limited to the few first-person shooters that were released with VR, we were able to experience some of our favorite games as though we were in them.

Slowly, but surely, more and more games were released with VR options. This change completely transformed the way in which we enjoyed our favorite games and it is expected that within the next ten years, every game we play will have a VR option.

In 2016, the unimaginable happened. Mojang released an update on Minecraft that allowed you to play it using your virtual reality devices. Nobody was expecting that Minecraft would ever be introduced to the world of VR, but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that the developers chose to do this. Minecraft is one of the most popular games to be released and it is constantly being updated by the developers. Since it is constantly being updated, it is reasonable to think that the developers would eventually run out of exciting changes to the game. Virtual reality was the refreshing change that the game needed and it has been openly welcomed by players from around the world.

Those who are lucky enough to own virtual reality have nothing but positive things to say about the introduction of virtual reality games, but how exactly has VR revolutionized the way we play Minecraft?

It Has Increased Immersion

Virtual Reality is the most immersive game technology that we currently have access to. If you are someone that has spent a lot of time and effort building a world, then you probably feel an attachment to it of some sort.

If you have put so much work into building a world around you, what would be better than being able to enjoy all of that work in person? Instead of feeling as though you are experiencing your world from an outside perspective, you can feel like a Minecraft villager and actually enjoy the world around you.

If someone feels as though they are a part of their world, this may encourage them to play the game more in order to improve the appearance of the world. Virtual reality gives you that personal connection to your world that you may not have previously been able to experience. Mojang feared that people were starting to fall out of love with the charm of the game, but this is no longer the case, thanks to virtual reality.

Improved Hang Out

If you are someone that has spent a lot of time on Minecraft throughout your life, then it is likely that you have joined a server or two. I remember when I used to play the game a lot, I spent the majority of my time hanging out on one certain factions Minecraft servers and I really developed some strong friendships on these servers. A lot of the people that I made friends with lived across the world, so it was unlikely that I would ever be able to hang out with them in person.

When I got my VR headset, a lot of my online friends got it at the same time. When we played on the server while wearing our VR headsets, it felt as though we weren’t just playing a game together, it felt as though we were hanging out. This made the game much more enjoyable and I believe it really strengthened my relationship with my fellow players, as we could do funny hand gestures and even chase each other around the map.

Increased Mob Fear

One of the biggest features of the game is being able to take on mobs. Mobs add an extra level of challenge to your game and create an obstacle for you to overcome in an otherwise peaceful world. Unless you are exploring the depths of the caves, you will only really encounter mobs at night time and when you do, they often catch you off guard and terrify you.

With the help of virtual reality, your encounters can now become way scarier. If you are someone that is easily scared, this may seem like an unwanted feature. However, imagine just how immersive and challenging your game will feel when you can fight all of the scary mobs in the first person.

If you are someone that enjoys venturing into the caves, then it is likely that you long for the excitement of seeing mobs up close and personal. Imagine, you are mining through a dark cave, only to see a giant spider drop on you and attack you in person. Now, that sounds more terrifying than a lot of the horror games released onto the market.

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