This firmware is provided as-is without any warranty. We will NOT be responsible for any damages that may occur due to the use of this firmware. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

NB – Tomato USB is no longer developed.

Currently there are several other “mods” being actively developed which are based on TomatoUSB
Please see the mods page for more information and how to acquire more up-to-date firmware.
The last version of TomatoUSB was Build 54 – dated 11/30/2010.
There will be no more releases.

If you’re unsure on what edition to download, please see the documentation about build types.

Please note, Optional kernel modules will only work with the current Tomato USB version available for download from this page. Any other TomatoUSB versions, builds or modifications may not be compatible with these modules.

Kernel 2.6 (experimental) for MIPSR2 Routers

Kernel 2.6 (experimental) for MIPSR1 Routers

Kernel 2.4 (stable)

“Development” (unstable) Builds from git head

New builds, compiled only when new code appears (courtesy of Toastman).

Regular builds from the current git head of Tomato-RT branch (courtesy of Manneveru,

Source Code

The complete source code of Tomato USB firmware is available from the Tomato GIT repository: kernel 2.6 (RT) and kernel 2.4 branches.

Archived (old) versions