Installing on Asus Routers (RT-N16 and others)

1. Use a wired connection only. (disable wireless to be in the safe side)
2. Make sure you disable firewall in Windows.
3. Disable the virus guard.

Let's Begin!

  1. Install Asus Firmware Restoration Utility on your PC. (Can be downloaded Here) NB - Some people report that they have trouble with the downloaded version and that the one supplied on the included CD (available from this link) works OK
  2. Download and extract the K26-MIPSR2 Tomato USB Firmware. Extras or VPN version is up to you. With this router you might as well just go with the VPN version. (Get them Here)
  3. Connect your computer's using network cable to one of the LAN ports of the Asus router. Manually set your computer IP address (in the TCP/IP properties of the LAN connection) to, network mask
  4. Plug in the router while holding the reset button on the back of the router (On an Asus RT-N16 the "BLACK RECESSED RESTORE" button is the reset). Keep the reset button pressed until Power LED starts blinking slowly. This puts the router in recovery mode, which is necessary to flash using the Asus Firmware Restoration utility. If you try using the restoration utility and the router is not in recovery mode or is not connected it will say, "No wireless device in recovery mode is found".
  5. Run Firmware Restoration Utility which you installed in step 1. In Firmware Restoration browse for the firmware image you extracted in step 2 and click Upload. (Note: It's likely that the Asus Utility will hang due to the fact that it attempts to verify the successful flash but it won't be able to because the firmware is not Asus firmware. Mine hung at 33% and timed out. Everything still worked out fine though.)
  6. After the upload is complete open your browser, go to the router by typing, when prompted for a username and password enter "admin" for both. Go to Administration > Configuration > Restore Default Configuration, select "Erase all data in NVRAM memory (thorough)" and click OK. To insure that the processor has time to complete addressing all NVRAM variables it's best to wait about 5 minutes before making any changes.

You are now ready to start using your Asus router with Tomato.


  1. Don't forget to change the password from the default one. (Administration > Admin Access > Password)
  2. Wireless is enabled by default with no security enabled. Be sure to update this before people start jumping on your network. (Basic > Network > Wireless)
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