The IP or DNS Name (ex. you would like to ping from your router.

Ping Count

The number of times you would like the router to ping the address above.

Packet Size

The size of each packet the router will send to the address entered above.


The sequence of packets sent. Starts at 0, goes up to how may pings you specified in Ping Count.


The address the ping was sent to. If you entered a DNS Name in the above address field, this will show the DNS name and the IP address for that DNS name.

RX Bytes

The true size of the packet sent, normally is just a little bigger then the Packet Size defined above.


Time to live (sometimes abbreviated TTL) is a limit on the period of time or number of iterations or transmissions in computer and computer network technology that a unit of data (e.g. a packet) can experience before it should be discarded. - From Wikipedia

RTT (ms)

The amount of time it takes for the server to respond to the packet. This is measured in ms (milliseconds) and the smaller the number, the better your connection is.

+/- (ms)

Shows how much faster (-) or slower (+) the packet was compared 2 the previous packet sent.


After the ping is complete, on the bottom it will display output similar to this…

Round-Trip: 81.143 min, 86.096 avg, 89.560 max (ms)
   Packets: 4 transmitted, 4 received, 0% lost

This just summarizes the above ping test, to get a more accurate answer.
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