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Do you have any more information about this subject?
Looking for a solution too!


Your script looks exactly like something I need.
How do I set this script up so that it is always up and running?

Thanks a lot in advance :)


I have a problem with compilation: "gcc: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file or directory". How can I solve a problem?

Revert back to the old firmware, downgrade it to the older version, worked for me at least.

There is a youtube tutorial which may help you out….

Re: VPN server routing setup by BaozhaiBaozhai, 10 Nov 2018 06:54

you need to flash your router as what I have read on other sites.

Re: Bypass vpn/wps switch by BaozhaiBaozhai, 10 Nov 2018 06:52

Thanks guys, it solved my issue too…

Does anybody know how to reset a R7000 on TomatoUSB (Shibby) back to original settings of I tried 30,30,30 but did not work

I tried holding down the wireless button during but that did not work.
I tried holding for 5 minutes, still no good

After I turn it back on while holding the reset button, the router just alternates lights in a strange matter and I have the assumption of it resetting but it is actually not.
I have tried a good 50 + times. Please help!

Hello, I have a major problem. I use my netgear R7000 Router for using a usually casual VPN. Now, ever since I deleted from br0 and replaced it with the internet has not been working on it. I have no access to the admin panel anymore, I have no access to any telnet or SSH. I have been working days on this and its been fustrating. The actual internet is working, I can confirm because the internet works on my other router. The IP address on the DHCP server IS static so i don't know if It isn't connected because the MAC address is on a different assigned IP. I tried setting it to the 172.16 because that matches my home connections. I know there can be DHCP errors from 2 DHCP servers on the same subnet but I made sure and set the R7000 to a limited range of Ips. Please help!

I already did all IPconfigs and DNS flushes and registrations.

I think all that would solve the problem is a R7000 reset and I tried a 30,30,30 but it did not work.

I was thinking of getting a VPN for my usb router because Black Friday is close! Any suggestions for a good provider ?

VPN with Tomato USB by BaozhaiBaozhai, 30 Oct 2018 12:52

Basically everything summarize above^. Also I don’t know with soft ether if I should use Virtual NAT and dhcp , etc. this is very difficult and I have been trying with no sleep for a good two days.


I have just installed the newest version of TomatoUSB on my R7000 router.
I want to use this to use the script below to wake up a computer in my network on any traffic on the 32400 port.
Any idea on how to set this up correctly? It seems the script is to big to put in the script section of the settings, as a large piece of the script disappears after save.

Thanks in advance!


Note: I had to add two spaces because I am not allowed to place links yet.

https: //ibb. co/iTQky0

Setting up a script by Patrick van BavelPatrick van Bavel, 18 Oct 2018 08:43

Anyone know what happened to the Shibby website (, all I get is Błąd łączenia się z bazą danych which Google translates as "Error connecting to the database".

Re: Shibby Builds by billsteinerbillsteiner, 12 Oct 2018 23:33

I'm trying to setup a segregated network arrangement such that Router 1 w/ DHCP server connects to Router 2 w/ DHCP server via LAN->WAN connection.

Ultimately I want to use access restrictions to limit what can penetrate Router 2's segment as this will be used for security cameras and only some machines will have internet access or even access to/from the downstream sub - this is why I wish to use LAN->WAN (unless you know of a better way of course, please feel free to share - thanks)

Router 1: Asus RT-N16 Running AdvancedTomato
Modem attached to WAN port
Router 1's DHCP is setup as:
Mask: (setup this wide to permit VLAN Guest netowork which is on as well as static routes for Router 2 and future network expansion)
Range: -

There is a static route setup for the second router: (Note that this is inside the netmask but outside the DHCP)

Router 2: Linksys/Cisco E1000 v2 running Shibby
Router 2's DHCP is setup as:
Range: -

I also have Wireless setup on the second router.

The second router is setup for local and remote admin access on ports 80 and 8080 respectively.

I have no port forwarding or firewall enabled, nor any other restrictions.
Note that I have also tried using port forwarding on both ports 80 and 8080 with no luck.

When I connect to Router 1's segment I can see Router 2 in the device list at but can not access it via web browser on either :80 or :8080 *bummer*
When I connect to Router 2's segment (either wifi or ethernet) I can connect to the admin on its address.

I'd really love to be able to access its Admin panel from Router 1's network - any help in this area would be great.

Your help, experience and overall guidance is greatly appreciated!

Possible to have the patch to allow more Bridges ?


Re: Number of VLAN/bridges by CloudzyCloudzy, 08 Oct 2018 13:08

echo '#!/bin/sh

log () {
logger -p -t "$1"

log "KEEP-ALIVE: DDNS-UPDATE initiated"
log "KEEP-ALIVE: check if cronjob is running.."
if cru l | grep keepalive; then
log "KEEP-ALIVE: cronjob deleted"
cru d keepalive


I have two Nighthawks routere on my network. An R7000 as the main router running shibby tomato and an R7300 acting as an AP. Unfortunately the R7300 cannot be flashed with tomato. I have the guest wifi turned on on the AP (R7300) and it works however even with the wireless isolation turned on, guest clients are still able to access my main router tomato WebUI. I want to block this. How can I do so?

Right now the main router is and the AP is

I can confirm that my Brother DCP-9020CDW wouldn't access 802.11n network with AES only. Switching to TKIP+AES got the printer instantly connected. After upgrading Brother printer to the latest firmware from April 2018 and switching the WLAN back to AES only, the printer connected successfully.

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