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Hi, I have an R7000, I have added a TPLink 5 port switch (non Managed) to Lan0.
I seem to have no multicast across so DLNA stops working.

is there a way to fix this?

New Kernel
mhegabmhegab 31 Mar 2019 09:42
in discussion Discussions / General » New Kernel

Hello, Why does it seem like all Tomato variations have kernel no later than K2.6.

I'm using AdvancedTomato on Asus RT-AC66U, and was hoping to find or rebuild with 4.19.32. Is that possible?


New Kernel by mhegabmhegab, 31 Mar 2019 09:42

I am using a VPN solely to get a dedicated/static IP (because my home network has a dynamic IP because its cable). I dont care about hiding my identity etc. I have the VPN set up on my router running Tomato firmware, using the OpenVPN Client.

What I want is when traffic comes into the VPNs IP, and hits my router, depending on the IP the traffic came from, it gets redirected to a specific device in my home network. Each device in my network has a static IP assigned, and in the past I used a different VPN that used PPTP, and that just worked, eg Tomato's normal Port Forwarding rules worked perfectly and depending on where the traffic came from, it was automatically routed to the right device connected to my router.

However now that I am using a VPN that uses OpenVPN instead of PPTP, it appears the Port Forwarding rules in Tomato no longer work? I cant work out how to send traffic to the correct device in my home network based on the port number and which IP sent the request. I noticed the "Routing Policy" tab in the OpenVPN Client setup page in Tomato, but that makes no sense to me.

This is my intended setup, if my explanation is a bit hard to follow

External IP -> VPN Dedicated IP -> Router Running Tomato OpenVPN Client -> Some Device connected to router, based on what the "External IP" and port number was

Do I need to add some kind of script somewhere in Tomato? Some iptables rules or something? Someone mentioned something about 'policy based routing', but I dont know what that is or how to implement it with Tomato. Or do I just need to enable/disable some of the options in the OpenVPN Client config page? Im out of my depth, any advice would be appreciated

Sure, how about losing access to the the tomatousb gateway? Can i ask, how are you connecting to R2? Via hard SSH or hard telnet? The purpose of tomatousb is its exquisite interface. I mean, on R2, can you still VPN? How about bittorrent? What about adblocking? Look, with RIPv1 and RIPv2, packets should be smart enough to find their way to their destination and back home to your computer. Strangest thing is, it should be for wireless devices, too? Why those grey boxes are there is a mystery to me. See them? In Advanced/Routing/Misc.And why is everyone so afraid of confident packets? These network packets are perfectly capable of finding their way to work destination and back home computer. Don't worry so much about multi-wan. Get the one-wan working first. Keep building those super-packets. Then, worry about combining amd separating the network packets later. Tl;dr, get the super-packets perfect first, then worry about cutting and splicing plus putting everything back together again

Re: connect two routers by steamtank101steamtank101, 13 Mar 2019 04:16

A Network Cable Technician’s job entails building the infrastructure of all telecom networks, such as Local Area Networks (LANs)how?

Network Cable Technician by srihariparisriharipari, 12 Mar 2019 16:09
Disabling VPN
toolguy66toolguy66 03 Mar 2019 23:44
in discussion Discussions / General » Disabling VPN

I'm running Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 -3.5-140 K26ARM USB AIO-64K. When I stop the VPN service I can't browse any sites. I'm a newbie just need some help.

Disabling VPN by toolguy66toolguy66, 03 Mar 2019 23:44

Gunna bump this in case it helps someone.
I am not sure exactly what i did and i know that's not the most helpful. I was losing my head cuz did some stupid stuff and got locked out of my router. I was trying anything to get it working again. I was considering unscrewing it and manually wiping the NVRAM with a short. Idk if thats even a thing.

However I got into it, no disassembly required. Firstly and possibly unrelated I formatted a 4 gb flash drive as fat 32, put an old backup on there and named it restore. I plugged that in the front and the usb 1 lit up.
Considering it did not restore that backup I dont think that did anything. Like i said i was frantic and couldn't get anything to work.

Now, What might have worked. I held down the reset button on the back with a tool and when the wps button on the front flashed I pressed it and let go of everything. (I think). Then it did the typical reboot thing and I lost hope, but then it did it 2 more times and I saw the 5ghz light come on (in my current fubar setup i had 5ghz turned off). Then I just about $#!7 a brick. Went to my PC and sure enough there was the login po
p-up. root/admin and now I'm in.

And no the reset button, wps button doing 30:30:30's didn't do jack.

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Hi there everyone,

I'm relatively new to Tomato and after configuring my routers (R7000 both at home and at work), I have noticed that the wifi, more specifically the 5ghz AP constantly dropped and it does not restart itself.

Is there a custom script that I can set to scan every 5 minutes, and if the either AP has dropped have it restart automatically?

By the way, I am using Freshtomato firmware 2019.1.015 -beta K26ARM USB AIO-64K based on Based on Tomato Firmware v1.28. I know it is BETA but I have used previous ones and I still had the same issue with AP's dropping and unless I restart them myself nothing happens.

Any help would be much appreciated, whether I have to add them to the scheduler custom fields or in the main console.


esieensesieens 18 Jan 2019 17:42
in discussion Discussions / General » Timezone

Hi - since I moved to Tomato, Time does not seem to be broadcasted on my wifi network anymore. I travel often and on my router stick firmware when connecting to my home wifi network, my laptop's time would adjust automatically. How canI achieve the same with Tomato?

Timezone by esieensesieens, 18 Jan 2019 17:42

I'd like to reboot my router 2x a day - what's the command for that (to be used at /admin-sched.asp)?

Command to reboot router? by bingopajamabingopajama, 07 Jan 2019 14:27

Hi, I'm in the same situation of SD-UK.
I own an ASUS DSL-N55U running the firmware.

I have placed the “sd-idle-2.6” file in the /tmp/mnt/USB_NTFS_DATA/asusware/bin of hard drive and have created the following script in the root of HD:

logger -t sd-idle-2.6 mount test
/tmp/mnt/USB_NTFS_DATA/asusware/bin/sd-idle-2.6 -i 60

I have named this script “mount.autorun” and placed it in “/tmp/mnt/USB_NTFS_DATA/mount.autorun” and made it executable using “chmod 700 /tmp/mnt/USB_NTFS_DATA/mount.autorun”.

The script works if launched manually and the HD spins down. Thanks a lot! :-)
But if I reboot the router, the script does not run automatically.

The result of

michele@DSL-N55U:/tmp/home/root# ls -l /tmp/mnt/USB_NTFS_DATA/mount.autorun


-rwx------    1 michele  root            97 Jan  2 01:35 /tmp/mnt/USB_NTFS_DATA/mount.autorun

michele is the userid on my router with root privileges. The USB HD is mounted automatically at reboot, but the script is not executed automatically.

What is wrong? thanks a lot.

I am wondering if it's possible to set up more than 2 VPN clients on the tomato firmware, I need to use more then 2 locations - is this possible? I am using advanced tomato on a Netgear R7000. TIA.

Multiple VPN clients by ali3n0idali3n0id, 09 Dec 2018 19:31

I have some problem with wan connectivity, so I log in by ssh and tries dhcpc-renew, but it always gives "Segmentation fault". dhcpc-release works, but it is dhcpc-renew I really need ;-).

Version installed:

Tomato v1.28.0000 -140 K26ARM USB AIO-64K
size: 42257 bytes (23279 left)
 Welcome to the Asus RT-AC68R/U [xxxxx]

Anyone has a clue?

Had to do some basic tweeks to my R7000 router all been working fine under Hagens settings from the net for 2 years and with little tweaks done successfully along the years. Until a few days ago when had to reset and NVRAM clear as no matter how many times WiFi nada. Tried settings word for word multiple times WiFi shows but will not connect on various IOS OSX devices. Does anyone have a fresh amount of working settings or a build as back up confiq won’t even work from a working system and tired, very tired and bored 😑

Many thanks all for any info!

Hi I have a wrt54gl flashed with tomato and I’ve lost internet connection, only thing I did was hit wireless survey auto refresh to do a scan. But box is not passing through an internet connection now - can anyone advise how to check if the wireless scan is still scanning? It shouldn’t be because I shouldn’t be able to connect to the router admin page over wireless if it is? Not understanding why the internet seems to be affected any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to fix before I leave my parents house tomorrow 🙄 typical timing for it to happen….

Hi to all
I need help please help me
I want to install tomato firmware in
wr841nd v11 can you make firmware tomato ?

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I have a synology NAS which I can connect to externally using a dyndns.
Internal I cannot use this address, I need to use the Internal host/IP for that.

Can I somewhere define that, when using internal access, that my dyndns-address gets translated to a static IP?

NAT Loopback is set to "All". I have a router between the tomato router and internet, which does NOT support NAT loopback…



DYNDNS internal access.... by Sven RuttenSven Rutten, 21 Nov 2018 19:01

Do you have any more information about this subject?
Looking for a solution too!

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