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Report here any bug you have found in Tomato USB.
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by: teddy_bteddy_b
02 Sep 2010 18:36
by: Sergey170482Sergey170482
10 Nov 2018 15:26
Hello Everyone, I have a DNS scripts that after I updated to Advanced Tomato I cannot anymore. I pasted this script and save, then click in another link like Status and get back to Administration/Scripts and there is only the 10 first lines. I notice that every time that has a semicolon ";" it drops the rest of the script And also the percentage signal "%" it convert to a square symbol. I've seen that there is some issues with nvram, but I couldn't find a good solution. Cheers
by: CanhobixCanhobix
30 Sep 2018 23:57
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by: az198859az198859
31 Aug 2018 06:13
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by: az198859az198859
31 Aug 2018 06:13
Strange: after power loss, tomato will not reacquire WAN ip address. Stuck on renewing. Tried tomato release, renew with no success. Windows PC directly to modem has no problem getting public ip. Soft reboot on tomato does not work either. Only a hard reboot (pulling power) to tomato will get DHCP to reacquire ip. I know what I'm doing so no need to ask about MAC addresses and modem DHCP settings. This appears to be an issue with tomato and wan DHCP. Modem is a DOCSIS 3.0 Motorola Surfboard SB6121. But to repeat: a standard PC has no problem pulling an ip address from the modem, only tomato has an issue and a soft restart of modem, and tomato will not cover it...only a hard restart of tomato will (sometimes, not always). Tomato is running on a Linksys E4200 v1 with Shibby Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-101 K26 USB AIO
by: David (guest)
21 Sep 2012 17:57
12 by shenxyshenxy
31 Jul 2018 14:46 Jump!
Up and Down colors are reversed between Bandwidth real-time and IP Trafic
by: MrglloqMrglloq
22 Jul 2018 20:53
Returns CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -22 unless IP is used.
by: Brad (guest)
28 Nov 2010 02:15
4 by glossumglossum
15 Apr 2018 20:33 Jump!
OpenVPN remote client unable to connect to remote sites when TOR Project enabled.
by: bksullivanbksullivan
29 Jan 2018 21:15
by: colinmcd_123colinmcd_123
10 Jan 2018 02:19
The WiFi on my router seems to fail on an almost daily basis and it needs to be rebooted to fix the problem.
by: farnwomtfarnwomt
23 Jul 2016 15:44
2 by newtreadnewtread
27 Dec 2017 23:44 Jump!
Primary WAN failure results in DNS no longer able to resolve hostnames
by: ajtishajtish
13 Dec 2017 16:09
by: Asdada Adsad CdfdsfAsdada Adsad Cdfdsf
13 Sep 2017 21:17
2 by Asdada Adsad CdfdsfAsdada Adsad Cdfdsf
14 Sep 2017 10:08 Jump!
problems I'm having bonding wifi to VLAN
by: Sam-13149475Sam-13149475
02 Jul 2017 15:22
by: TomatoFaceTomatoFace
30 Jun 2017 18:47
by: fredzfredz
01 Feb 2014 13:27
4 by mupemupe
23 May 2017 09:29 Jump!
Reboot on R7000
by: FrozencatFrozencat
18 May 2017 21:20
by: nanubvnanubv
14 May 2017 19:55
Incotrrect VLAN configuration
by: Konstantin SmirnovKonstantin Smirnov
10 May 2017 14:03
by: Viktor JorasViktor Joras
07 May 2017 18:29
2 by Viktor JorasViktor Joras
08 May 2017 17:02 Jump!
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